Facebook and Book

Facebook captures your attention rather the book. Right? Since the technology evolution exists, the Facebook keeps on updating. Sad to say, most people are no longer reading books. They mostly rely on technology likely on Facebook.  The Facebook provides your needs such as news, advertisements,  movies, and etc. However, books are not like that. You … Continue reading Facebook and Book

Tragically True

Art credits: Lora Zombie http://lorazombie.com/   Feelings of attraction can come and go. Relationships getting cold then turn out to be a stranger.  However, couple can choose between fighting flames with fire or burn out . Things are limited but when having pure love the blaze of fire can't never be extinguished.

Hypersexualization of Women

In today's society, we are bombarded by hypersexualized advertisements on TV, the internet, and the outside. It's impossible you can't notice it. We can see it everyday!   Hypersexualization is not new, but nowadays the hypersexualization is becoming worse. Seeing these can be detrimental to the children and women. According to the Canadian Women's Health Network, Hypersexualization "It also … Continue reading Hypersexualization of Women

Digital Age

Technology made our lives simple and better, but the question is does technology made our lives and the world really BETTER? Yes, technology really made our life simple, but not better. In fact, the technology is evolving, but the communication is diminishing. And our environment is getting worse due to the invention. Our Environment According … Continue reading Digital Age

I’m an American, and Here is Why Duterte is My President

Truth Matters

But it’s probably not for the reason you think it is.


Let me first give some background. I’m 25. My wife is Filipino. I live in the Philippines. And that basically makes me half Filipino (right??). Here’s us:

jess me

I have been living in the Philippines on and off for the past two years. Shortly after Typhoon Yolanda, a team from my hometown came over to aid in reconstruction, rehabilitation, and redevelopment. I was part of that team.

That’s where this all begins.

One of my goals when I travel is to try my best to get to know the people and the culture of the place that I am (and I have worked in over 10 countries). When I arrived in Tacloban, one of the first things I heard, upon asking about the Philippines, culture, etc., was this:

we are so thankful you are here… look around at all of…

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